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Veloce is an open-ended handguard, ventilated for great airflow and with a universal mounting system.

• Covers most of the master cylinder
• Nice adjustment to cables and levers
• Universal handlebar mounting system
• Ideal for motocross and enduro

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Veloce handguards are designed with an open-ended and ventilated structure, allowing for optimal airflow during your ride.  

These handguards also come equipped with a universal mounting system, making installation a breeze. With its extensive coverage of the master cylinder, the Veloce offers great protection to your hands when riding. 

Additionally, it’s convenient adjustment features for cables and levers make it a top choice for riders.  

Perfect for motocross and enduro enthusiasts, the Veloce handguard is a must-have accessory for any rider looking to improve their experience and protect hands and master cylinder in an Off-road environment. 

Additional information

Weight340 g

Black, Blue, Orange, Red, White

Plastic bag

25 units

Making your commuting smoother