Chain Rollers

Chain Rollers

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Chain Roller is made with rubber seal to ensure great performance.

  • Made with rubber seal to ensure great performance
  •  Includes universal roller kit and hardware.
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The Chain Roller is a crucial component for any motorcycle rider. It helps protect the chain from wear and tear and ensures proper alignment, leading to a smoother ride. The Chain Roller’s superior performance is guaranteed by its rubber seal. 

The rubber seal on the Chain Roller provides exceptional protection against dirt, debris, and moisture. This protection prolongs the lifespan of the roller, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Motorcycle riders can have peace of mind, knowing that their chain is well-protected by the Chain Roller. 

Installing the Chain Roller is a breeze thanks to its universal roller kit and hardware. All necessary hardware is included in the kit, making installation quick and easy.  

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32mm, 42mm

Master box

100 units