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These universal grips provide the best performance and comfort. With a soft texture and a universal fit, they secure hold on the handlebars.

• Available in 3 different grip designs
• Soft texture, for a comfortable driving experience
• Secure hold on the handlebars, even at high speeds
• Comfort grip, not slippery hands, relieving hand fatigue long drive
• Universal Fit

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These universal grips are a must-have for any motorcycle rider. They provide unmatched performance and comfort with their soft texture and universal fit. The grips ensure a secure hold on the handlebars, even at high speeds. 

The grips are available in three different designs, allowing riders to choose the best option to suit their style and preferences. With the soft texture of the grips, riders can enjoy a comfortable driving experience. This feature also prevents slippery hands and relieves hand fatigue during long drives. 

The universal fit of the grips makes them an excellent choice for any motorcycle make or model. 

In conclusion, these universal grips are the perfect upgrade for any motorcycle rider looking for a comfortable and secure grip on their handlebars. With their soft texture, secure hold, and universal fit, they provide unmatched performance and comfort. Choose from three different designs and enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. 

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Grip type

Adv, Grand Prix, Soft

Master box

20 units